GPS Tagging with Multi-Photo Capture Field

A Multi Photo field can capture one or more photos and GPS location information.  The GPS data includes when and where the photo was taken.  If the photo is picked from the user's photo library, the GPS coordinates are not overwritten by the location where the user imported the photo, but rather maintains the coordinate from where the photo was originally taken.  

There are two options for capture GPS data on a Multi Photo field: 

GPS Tagging - When this option is used, the GPS coordinates are collected either from the camera or image and are embedded as EXIF data directly in the photo file.

Capture Geo Location -When this option is used, GPS location data will be captured at the time the photo field was last updated, either adding a photo with the camera or imported from the Camera Roll (Photo Library) or making annotations to the photo.  The data is stored in the “fieldMetaData” object in the formJson Response and visible on the HTML report.  This data does not overwrite a GPS tag embedded in the photo. 

"fieldMetaData": [


        "fieldKey": "multiphoto_picker_6",


         "location": {

          "horizontal_accuracy": "65.000000",

          "latitude": "33.397931",

          "vertical_accuracy": "16.143519",

          "longitude": "-117.598978"


        "timestamp": "2016-01-21T19:48:01.003-08:00"



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