Rating Selector


Create a rating system with a max of 10, with values of your choice.



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Setting Description
Field Label The label displayed for the field. This is usually displayed at the top left corner above the field.
Field Key A Key used to reference the field in submission data. The key is also used to reference the field in rules and calculations.
Rating Max The number of rating to allow. Valid values range from 1-10.
Rating Labels Allows overriding the default rating selector label values as displayed on the FastField application. Note: these values are for display only and do not affect the result data that is submitted with the form.
Show Multi Select Selects all rating values less than and up to the selected rating value.
Allow N/A Inserts a N/A rating value before the numerical rating values.
Show Rating Labels If checked, the value of the field will be excluded in the form data as it is passed via integrations or exported via Excel or CSV.
Rules A Rule or JavaScript snippet that allows you to perform actions on fields or sections within the form. The actions can include hide, show, enable, disable, showSection and hideSection. Rules are executed on field value changes and when the form is opened.

if ($field1$ > 23) { hide(); } else { show(); }

(Please see the Introduction to Rules Document for more information)
Required Sets the field to have required input. You will not be able to submit the form until this field has valid input.
Enabled If not set the field will be visible but cannot be edited or set to accept new input.
Hide Field Label Hides the Field Label.
Hidden If enabled the field and all labels are not visible.
Exclude From Reports If checked, the field will be excluded from HTML and PDF reports and will also be excluded from Excel and CSV exports.
Capture Geo Location Capture the current latitude and longitude when the acknowledgment button is clicked.
Capture Time Stamp Capture the current date and time when the acknowledgment button is clicked.
Alert Type Choose a theme to change the background and font colors of the field cell as displayed in the apps.

Result Data

Data Type Domain of Values Example JSON
Integer Integer value from 1 to 10 { "rating_1" : 5 }


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