SharePoint Integration

There are two types of SharePoint integration. 

• Send Files To SharePoint: This integration will allow you to send Form result PDFs, CSV, JSON and other files directly to SharePoint Folders and Subfolders.

Send Form To SharePoint (Currently in Beta): This Integration will allow you to map Form result fields to SharePoint lists.


It is best that your form is finalized before mapping to your SharePoint Document Library (folder).

Click next when your form is ready.


• To start, enter your SharePoint Web URL. 


This URL must be accessible from outside your network, if not SharePoint Online.

As mentioned in the image below: If hosting your own SharePoint and there is a Firewall in place, all connections to your SharePoint will be coming from the following IP Address:



• Next, enter the Username and Password.

This user must have permissions to the website and document library referenced in the mapping.


• Next, you will need to map your fields list or document library. 



• Select your list and then proceed to match each field to the corresponding column name.  



• When you are finished, click 'save' to save your integration. 






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