Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode allows you to display a particular form on your mobile device, and have that form restart on submission without having to navigate back through the forms menu.

• This is especially useful at trade shows, events, mall kiosks, or any other time you would want to quickly start a fresh form.

• To enable Kiosk mode, you will first need to uncheck a box on the web portal account page that is hiding the option by default. (See picture below)

• After you enable the option on the portal, you will be able to select the mode from your mobile device. 

• When selected, Kiosk mode prompts you to choose a form from your forms list.  You can only have one form selected while in Kiosk mode.

• You can now fill out the form as usual.

• After you submit your form, you will be brought to a unique page that displays a "thank you" message, and has a "start new form" button at the bottom.

• You can exit Kiosk mode by tapping on the "exit" button at the top left.

• You will be required to enter your FastField password before you can successfully exit Kiosk mode. This is done to keep others from exiting kiosk mode by mistake or without your knowledge. 

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