Sub Accounts


What is a SubAccount?

A sub-account is a separate account within the main account. Primarily used by approved resellers; Admins within the main account have access to their associated sub-accounts, forms, data and user information. It also allows users within the SubAccounts to access their own separated data and forms. The main account is billed for all users on that account and all associated SubAccounts users.


Note: SubAccounts are only available for approved resellers. If you are just looking to organize your account better, you may want to look into leveraging User Groups and Libraries.


Advantages of using a sub-account:

  • SubAccount users can access their own data separately, without needing to access the main account
  • Main Account Admins can easily view SubAccounts data and manage and create forms, libraries, and permissions
  • SubAccount Admins can add their own users
  • Main Account Admins can also add users to sub accounts.
  • SubAccount Admins cannot access any forms/data on the main account


Note: You will only be able to transfer forms from the Main Account to Sub Accounts, you won't be able to transfer the forms back to the Main Account from a Sub Account.


Billing: The main account will be billed for all the active users in all of its associated SubAccounts, in addition to all the active users on the main account.


Creating a SubAccount:

You can create a SubAccount by: logging into the Portal, click the Account tab (at the top of the page) and the SubAccount tab will be on the left near the bottom of the page. From the SubAccount tab, you can create, filter, make edits to or even delete your SubAccounts.


• Click the green "add" button to create a sub account.

• In the pop-up window, you will be able to fill out the details of your new sub account.



• You can also edit your sub account information after creation, by clicking on the edit button, and impersonating the sub account.


• You can stop impersonating at any time to return to your main account by clicking on the red "stop impersonating" button at the top left of the page.




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