Updating Lookup List from Dropbox using Zapier

Using a service like Zapier can offer a quick and efficient way to integrate FastField with other 3rd party software services/platforms.

This article describes how to set up a Zap to "trigger" a Lookup List update in FastField from a document residing on your Dropbox.

Before setting up your Zap, you will need to prepare your lookup list doc.

Step 1 - Add Dropbox as the Trigger App


Step 2 - Choose "New File in Folder" as the Trigger


Step 3 - Specify a Folder for Zapier to Check


This will be the folder you place your doc in. 

Be sure to set "include file contents?" to yes before continuing. 

Step 5 - Test your Link to Dropbox




Step 2 - Add Fastfield as the Action App


Step 6 - Choose "Update lookup List" as the Action


Step 7 - Link your Fastfield Account


Step 8 - Edit your Template


You will need to choose the list you want to update as well as the file you wish to update it with. 

For the file, choose "Direct Media Link" from the dropdown list.


Step 9 - Test your Zap


First Make sure that your list in dropbox is in some way different from the list that already exists in Fastfield, then send through a test and confirm the list was updated.

Step 10 - Turn on your Zap


Give your Zap a name and turn it on. Zapier will then check every 15min to see if a new file has been added to the specified folder in Dropbox and, if so, update the list in Fastfield. 







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