Dropbox - Configuring your form


Please note this integration is not available for Whitelabel Accounts.

Configuring Your Form For Dropbox Delivery

To configure your Form to deliver data to Dropbox, click the Delivery button in the Form Builder as shown below:


In your list of actions, drag over the "Send To DropBox" action


Now click on the "Connect and Authorize with DropBox" button. It will now go through a series of windows that allows FastField to access your dropbox account.


You will next be presented a screen that asks for your permission to allow FastField Mobile Forms to access your Dropbox account. This will automatically create the following folder structure

DropBox/Apps/FastField Mobile Forms

This is where your data will be delivered and cannot be modified.

Note: If you delete the newly created Apps folder or FastField Mobile Forms folder your forms will not be delivered to Dropbox.  


In the Dropbox settings there will be a blank field to specify a sub-folder. On your first submission it will auto create this folder in DropBox if it doesn't already exist.


Save and Publish Your Form! You are all set.

If you have any questions or issue please feel free to reach out to

Where are my files?

When first setting up your dropbox integration it will auto create two folders. Apps and FastField Mobile Forms. Dropbox -> Apps -> FastField Mobile Forms

You will see a new Apps folder under your main Dropbox folder.


and inside of the App folder there will be a FastField Mobile Forms folder. This is where all submission data will be delivered.




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