Scoring - Rating Selector Field


Scoring - Rating Selector Field

You can add scoring to your forms using some Rating fields, a Computed Label, and a little bit of Javascript. I will show you some basic code that you can tailor to your specific need in your forms. At this point, the article assumes you have a basic understanding of the FastField software, how to add fields, save your forms, and view them on your device.

Make sure you substitute the $fieldkey$'s in the example code, with your own form's $fieldkey$'s. The code below is what you will be putting on your computed label.


integer($rating1$) + integer($rating2$) + integer($rating3$);


You will add additional "integer($fieldkey$) +..." for however many rating fields that you have.




In the above example, I have three rating fields and a computed label with the code placed inside. 

This is what it looks like in the app. 





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