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Scoring - List Selector Field

You can add scoring to your forms using some list selector fields, a computed label, and a little bit of Javascript. I will show you some basic code that you can tailor to your specific need in your forms. At this point, the article assumes that you have a basic understanding of the FastField software, how to add fields, save your forms, and view them on your device.

#$listpicker_1$ + #$listpicker_2$ + #$listpicker_3$

The # sign signifies for the computed label to use the designated score instead of the value.

When you add the list pickers to your form, you will then need to add list selection values to your form. In the examples below I add "Good, Neutral, Bad" as list selections and I assign a score of "1, 0, -1". You can assign whatever weight to your scores.


Then in the computed label, I place the aforementioned code. Make sure to substitute the $fieldkey$'s in the example code, with your own form's $fieldkey$'s. The code below is what you will be putting into your computed label.


The result is a nice scoring system using the list picker field. In the app, I selected "Bad" with a value of "-1" for each list. It added them all together and gave me my result of "-3"

 We also have a video on scoring using the list selector field - 

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