Lookup Mappings | Auto Populating Fields With Data

Lookup List Mapping

  • Populating form fields from a table of data
  • Auto-populating form fields from a table of data

Lookup Mapping is used to add a table of data to a form and auto-populate fields based upon a selection within the table. When using a lookup mapping the destination fields for the mapped data will need to be text, long text, or static text. 

Select Setup Lookup Mapping under the Advanced Options Button.



STEP 1: Upload your table of data

Upload your table of data using either a .csv or .xlsx file. Note that these tables can be updated from the account tab or by using an API for table updates without having to edit the form. 

STEP 2: MAP The Lookup Field 

Map the field that will be used as the selector field to a column of data in the table. Option list, lookup list, global list, and bar codes are the lookup field types.

Field Name: is the field in FastField that will reference the data table to select a unique item from the table.

Column Name: is the name of the column of data in the table you have uploaded.

  STEP 3: Set the destination fields for the data within your table.

The last step is to map the data from your table to the fields in the form (auto populate). Notice that the example uses static text fields. This makes the mapped data static and un-editable. Regular text fields can be used if the user is to update information.

Field Name: is the destination field within your form

Column Name: Is the column of data from your table that is mapped into the form

Examples of how Lookup Mappings are used:

  • Parts list (select part number - populates description, repair method, options)
  • Actions based upon a condition (select condition - populates remediation action required)
  • Site / Location specific detail (select location - populates address, city, etc)
  • Contact information (select name - populates phone number)
  • Equipment list (select license # - populate vin, make, model)
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