How to Setup a Forward

This article will explain what the “Forward” workflow option is.


In the Delivery tab of the Form Builder is our workflow options, one of these options is “Forward”. This will allow you to send your submitted form to another user before it is submitted. One common use of this is if you want to review a completed form and be able to edit it before the form is finally submitted. Another use case would be if you want multiple users to be able to fill out the form in different stages you can “pass” the form along to users as they complete their sections. To use this option, you will want to drag and drop the Forward to the center column, Form Submit Actions. On the right side panel you can enter the user or users you want to forward the form to, along with a message to appear in the app as well as an email to be sent notifying the receiving user.

Once the ­Forward is added to the workflow you may notice “Form Submit Actions (2)” appears under the forward. You can then use this to add additional workflow to your submission. This second workflow will only be applied to the second submission and not the first. For example if you use the Email Submitter workflow option then the report will be sent to the second user that sent in the submission, not the first.



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