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  • What is a Custom Word Template?
  • Can I download a starting template?
  • Adding fields
  • Repeating sections
  • Subforms
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  • Multiphoto
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What is a custom word template?

A custom word template is a dynamic reporting option which allows you to export your captured form data and push it to a word template of your own design. 


Can I download a starting template?

Yes you can! To download a starting template (which will contain all of your fieldkeys from your form) click on the "reporting" button from the builder and then click on the "custom" tab. Then just click on "Generate and Download" to generate a word report when you can then edit, stylize, and re-upload. 



Adding Fields

Adding fields to your custom word template is very easy. All you need to do is get your field's fieldkey and put it in your custom word template surrounded by dollar signs.

I have the below example where in the custom word template I have Inspector name, Inspector phone number and Client name. When the form is submitted, I want the data to be put in those spots.

I saved the custom word template, uploaded it to the custom tab in report settings, saved and published. Then I filled out a submission and submitted. Here is what the word report looks like after submitting

Stylizing: It is important to note, that fonts, colors, font size etc. will be mimicked in your reports. If you put your $fieldkey$ as Helvetica with a blue color, it will mimic those on the report. HOWEVER, it cannot use custom fonts. It is limited to generic word fonts.


Repeating Sections

For repeating sections you are going to use a table. You will only need to create the first row. Once you have added the table, right-click on it and select "table properties". In the alt text tab, you will want to in the title cell put the fieldkey of the section that is repeating. Save. Then for each cell, you will want to put the fieldkey if the field that you want to add, surrounded by dollar signs.(if you would like to create a header row that only repeats the data instances please see Header Rows section). Repeating Sections do not require a prefix



For subforms, you will need to use a table. It is setup the exact same was as a repeating section, except that your fieldkeys in the cell will need a prefix. Once you have added the table, right-click on it and select "table properties". In the alt text tab, you will want to in the title cell put the fieldkey of the subform. Save. The prefix will be the subform fieldkey. For example, if your subform fieldkey is "subform_1" and your field fieldkey is "date_2" you would put this in the cell "$subform_1_date_2$" notice the subform fieldkey is the prefix and it is separating the fieldkey by an underscore. (if you would like to create a header row that only repeats the subform instances please see Header Rows section below)


Sub-form Columns

If you want to use a column format for your subforms, you can do that by setting it up like the picture below. I recommend using the first row as a blank space so there is some separation between the instances.

This is what it looks like on the report with 2 subform instances


Header Rows

If you want to have a header row in the same table as your data you can by specifying header_row in the description of the table properties.


After uploading and saving this to your form you will now be able to submit a form with a header row that only repeats the data.





For multiphotos, you will want to use a one-celled table. All photos will be put inside that cell. If you want multiple photos per row, make sure you specify the amount in the advanced report settings for that multiphoto field.

Advanced Report Setting: I set it to 4 photos per row (Screenshot below)

Custom Word Template: Single-Celled table with the field fieldkey surrounded by dollar ($) signs (Screenshot below)

Word report output: (Screenshot below)



Dynamic Checkboxes

Dynamic checkboxes are covered in detail in a separate article that you can find here 


If you have any questions or issues please feel free to reach out to our support team at


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