Alerts - Conditional Alerts - Conditional Action

This article is the process used to create conditional alerts. A conditional alert is when a delivery event (email, forward, etc) is to happen as a result of content within the form. Example: The equipment being inspected requires maintenance. A conditional alert is created to deliver an email to Maintenance only when maintenance is required.

Step 1: Setting up the Alerts

We first need to create the alerts in the advanced rules. Open the form that needs the conditional alert. Select Advanced Rules.





Step 2: We need to create the Rule (Alerts are just one feature within the advanced rules)




 Step 3: Creating An Alert.

Name the alert and select the Field or fields within the form that are to trigger the condition. Note. You can use many conditions within a form to set the trigger as well (example. if any of 10 items is NO than trigger the alert)




 Step 4: Create the condition that triggers the alert


Option: Multiple conditions need to be met or any one of multiple conditions (and/or) can be used to trigger the Alert.




 Step 5: Create the Alert as the Action of the rule



 Step 6: Name the Alert.

You can put any code that you want. If you have internal codes for "conditions" you can use those codes. If you do not have internal codes this is an opportunity to create them.




Step 7: Add the alert to your delivery options.

Now that we have several alerts created for this form we can add different delivery options based upon those Alerts. In this example, we will be driving a form to the "Form Submitter" only if the Alert condition is met.




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