Workflow/Delivery Options - Email From Field (Action)

Due to popular demand, we have released a new feature that enables you to specify a field to be marked as an email field. It isn't a new field type, it is found as an action in the Delivery Options/Workflow section (as pictured below).

It allows you to mark a field in your form as an email field. When an email address is entered in a specified text or list field (more field types available/specified below), after the form has been submitted, it will send an email to the specified email address.

Note: Currently in this V.1 version, there is no email validation. This means that if a user enters their email address incorrectly, it will not send the email and no parties will be notified. At a later date, we will add email validation. We do not have an ETA for this yet.



You will be able to specify format/s, a field, subject and body. You can search for your field by entering in the fieldkey or field name and it will populate with your form's search results. It is important that your form is published with your most current version.


Known Limitations

  • Doesn't work in repeating sections
  • Doesn't work in a subform
  • No email validation

Supported Field Types  

  • Text
  • Dropdown List (multi select and single select)
  • Option List (multi select and single select)
  • Global List (multi select and single select)
  • Lookup List (multi select and single select)
  • Static Text
  • Calculation Field (Computed Label)
  • Barcode
  • NFC Reader


Let us know if you see any Bugs

Our team spends a lot of time testing features/bug fixes before we release. Sometimes things get through. Please let us know if you see anything "buggy" that we need squash. Notify us at with as much detail possible. Pictures, screenshots etc help a lot



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