Supported Field Types for Subject and Body Email Integration

The following table outlines whether or not a field's value is able to be linked into the subject or body of the email integration system.

In order for field keys to be applied to an email Subject it must be applied to the Delivery Tab within the Form Builder. You can link your fields to the subject line or body of your workflow emails by using this format: [fieldkey]


  Field Type Supported
icons  Text  YES
icons Numeric  YES
icons Date/Time  YES
icons Photo  NO
icons Switch  YES (ShowsTrue/False)

Option List YES
icons List


Global List
Lookup List
icons Location / GPS   YES (Shows "vertical_accuracy" "longitude" "latitude" and "horizontal_accuracy")
icons Long Text (Multi-Line)  YES
icons Signature  NO
icons Calculation (Computed Label)  YES
icons Sub-Form  NO
icons Static Text  YES
icons Audio  NO
icons Document Viewer  NO
icons Rating  Yes 
icons Formatted Numeric  YES
icons Yes/No/NA (Three State)  YES (Shows 1,0,-1)
icons Video  NO
Bar Code
 YES (Shows web link for QR code)

 YES (Shows True/False)

In addition to these field type you can also reference these meta data fields from the submitted form:


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