FastField Mobile Application Overview

The FastField app is what you and your users will use to complete and submit forms. The app works on both Android and iOS (Apple) devices.

To install the application please reference the FastField Installation Guide

Logging In

Once you've installed the FastField app, tap the app icon and login using the credentials provided by your administrator.

IOS                                                              Android

fastfield login fastfield login

Form Menu

Once you are logged into the application you will be presented a menu of options.

fastfield menu fastfield login

The menu consists of the following items:

Menu Folder Description
Forms This folder contains all the forms that you have access to. These forms can be started as many times as you'd like.
Inbox This folder contains forms that have been dispatched to you specifically from an Administrator. These forms will often contain instructions and have specific work order information attached.
In-Progress This folder contains forms that you have started, but not yet submitted.
Sync This folder contains forms that you have submitted, but are pending submission because you do not have valid network connectivity or are in Offline mode. Once you log on in Online Mode all of the forms in the sync folder will automatically be submitted. To exit out of Offline mode login to the app and uncheck the Work Offline switch.
Submitted This folder contains all forms that you have successfully submitted.

Open a Form for Editing

To start a new form, tap the Forms folder on the left menu. The list of forms you have access to will appear. Tap the form name you wish to open for editing. You will be asked to confirm you wish to start the form. Tap the “Yes” button to continue. This will open the form for editing.

Completing a Form

Filling out a form is quite simple. Simply scroll down the form and answer each question. The following screenshot illustrates a sample form.

fastfield menu fastfield login

Navigating a Multiple-Page Form

Forms can contain one to many pages. When you open a form that contains multiple pages, “Next” and “Prev” buttons (or Arrows on Android) will appear at the button of the application (as shown below). Tap these buttons to advance to the next or move back to the previous page.

fastfield pages fastfield login

Page Section Navigation

You can navigate throughout a form by jumping directly to an individual section. To do this, tap the Page Index button on the lower left of the screen (as shown below). This will open a list of sections in the form.

fastfield navigation fastfield login

To jump to a particular section, simply tap the section name in the list.

Form Validation

Forms may contain mandatory fields that require valid input data. Before submitting a form, your form is validated to ensure that the data you are submitting is valid. To view a list of validation errors, tap the 2nd button on the bottom left of the screen (as shown below). This will display a list of questions that have failed validation tests. Tapping on an individual question will auto-navigate to the question on the form.

fastfield form validation fastfield login

Submitting a Completed Form

Once you have completed the form, you can submit it by tapping the “Submit” button at the top right of the screen. On Android devices this may be a button with a checkmark on it. Tap the “OK” button to confirm your submission.

fastfield form validation fastfield login

Note: Once a form is submitted it cannot be edited on your mobile device.

Saving an In-Progress Form

Forms are automatically saved when you exit the form. To edit a form that was previously saved, tap the form from the In-Progress form list.

Deleting an In-Progress Form

To delete a form that you have started complete the following steps:


Swipe across the form name in the list. A delete button will appear. Tap the “Delete” button and click “Ok” to confirm.

fastfield form validation fastfield login


Press and hold the form name in the list to delete a form within the Android application. After a long press you will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Changing Your Password

To change your password, tap the “Forgot Password” link on the login screen of the FastField application.

fastfield form validation fastfield login

This will direct you to a change password screen. Enter your email to start the reset process.

Working Offline

The login screen offers an option to "Work Offline". The first time you login to the application you must leave this option unchecked since you must be verified and authenticated by the FastField server.

Note: You cannot work offline the first time you login to the FastField app.

The FastField application allows you to complete forms even without an Internet connection. It accomplishes this by caching or downloading form templates to your device and doesn't rely upon a continuous connection to the Internet. There are two modes available for offline usage:

  • Standard Offline Mode - By default the application monitors to see if you have a valid Internet connection. If you do, forms will automatically sync when submitted and form updates will be downloaded from the server. If you happen to travel outside of a connection zone, the app will not make any network calls and simply use the cached forms on your device. Any data collected is stored locally on the device.

  • Forced Offline Mode - You can force the app to work offline by checking the "Work Offline" option on the Login screen. The "Work Offline" feature is intended for users who doesn't want the app to try to sync or pull form updates from the server. This is best used in those scenarios where a user may be in poor coverage zones or has a weak or intermittent Internet connection. This helps avoid the timely server calls or errors due to spotty coverage or slow network connections. To exit out of this mode log into the app and uncheck the Work Offline switch.

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