What is Dispatch?

Dispatch allows you to send a specific instance of a form to a particular user.

Unlike standard forms deployed through Form Libraries, dispatched forms cancontain pre-populated data such as an address, product codes or any data that you want to be included in the form as it's delivered to a user.

A common scenario for dispatch is sending a form to a user with instructions to fill out the form at a particular location. In this case, the address and customer data will already be included in the form so the user knows where to travel to.


What are the options for dispatching forms?

You can dispatch forms using 3 different methods:

1. Using our Online Dispatch

2. By uploading an Excel file with dispatch request

3. Using the FastField Dispatch API. The Dispatch API allows you to send a form to a user and merge data into the form directly from your own system.

Here is a video tutorial on how to Dispatch by Wizard:

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