Creating a Pass/Fail Summary on Your Form

Many inspections, forms, checklists can have a lot of questions that are “pass/fail”, “yes/no” or some variation of a score or flag that indicates a failed condition or condition that needs attention.

Rather than having to scan through an entire form for the exception conditions you can put a summary into the form that only tracks the exception conditions. This summary can then be used in custom reports and is displayed in-app and on standard generated forms.

Example: One-hundred Pass / Fail conditions are in an inspection form. The user only wants to have to review the failed items.

1) Create a calculation field

2) Make sure that the “field keys” for each pass/fail, yes/ no etc field is named.

3) Here is the script to put into the “Calculated Field”

Notes: + question1 is the Field Key for the question

           + =='Fail' is evaluating an Option Field with 'Fail' as the value it is checking for. This could be Yes or No in a Yes/No field type. 

           + "Question 1 Failed" is the text that will appear in the summary field

           + ,\n is puts a return in the text so that the summary appears as a list rather than a sentence.



var issues = '';

if ($question1$ == 'Fail')


issues = issues + 'Question 1 Failed,\n';



if ($question2$ == 'Fail')


issues = issues + 'Question 2 Failed,\n';


return issues;




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