Display Masks

A display mask is a form level label, which makes it easier to identify individual submissions. This label will display on each submission (in the data tab, the "submitted" folder on the app, and in your reports) and can contain data from fields within the mask.

  •  To create a display mask, open your form in the builder and select the pencil icon next to the form name.



  • You will then be presented with a window which will allow you to edit your form name and display mask.




  • You can drag and drop fields from the list on the left to the text box on the right, which will populate their receptive fieldkey/s (surrounded by '$' signs).
  • In this example, if you were to submit a form where the "number" field data was "123" the display mask would look like this:

        The job number is: 123.


   (example from the data tab)







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