Creating and Using Sub-Forms

Sub-forms are re-usable forms that can be added to your other forms via the Sub-Form Selector field. Sub-forms allow for easier form setup in the cases where you need to capture repeating instances of the same type of data.

An example of this is an order with line items. In this scenario, you would create a re-usable sub-form that represents a line item and add that sub-form to your order form via the Sub-Form Selector field.

The following instructions provide a step-by-step walkthrough of setting up and using a sub-form.

Creating a Sub-Form

  1. Login to using your administration username and password
  2. Open your form, and add the subform field selector
  3. On the right side panel, you will then be able to click "Create New Subform"


Add Fields to Your Form

  1. You can add fields from the "Add Fields" panel on the left side of your screen: AddFields.png
  2. Click the alpha Text Field Type Icon
  3. Click the photo selector Single Photo Field Type Icon
  4. Click the switch Switch Field Type Icon
  5. Click the 2017-11-08_1231.png

Your sub-form should look similar to the screen below:


From this point, you can configure the sub-form field as needed. For details on the different options to configure a Sub-Form Selector field see: Sub-Form Selector Configuration

Notes and Limitations of Sub-Forms

The following are some important notes and known limitations of using Sub-Forms in FastField

  • Sub-Form Selector fields cannot be added to a sub-form (e.g. sub-forms do not allow infinite nesting of data).
  • Sub-Forms do not contain Pages in their organizational structure.
  • Sub-form data contained in form submissions cannot be exported to CSV format.
  • Sub-Form Selector supports allowing users to create one or many sub-form instances via the FastField apps. In the cases where many instances can be created be sure to use the Value Mask setting of the Sub-Form Selector. Refer to see: Sub-Form Selector Configuration for more information on the Value Mask setting.
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