Adding Multi photo selector fields to your custom PDF

Naming Convention for Multi Photo Selector fields

Photo fields use the "button" field type in acrobat. Use this format as your naming convention:

fieldkey_n where n represents the photo number you want to display.

To display the caption, add a Text Field to your PDF Report Template and use the following naming convention:


SubForm Reports

Subform data can be bound to your custom PDF reports as well. This is helpful for forms such as invoices or work orders that have repeating data.

To bind a subform field to your report, define the field name within Adobe Acrobat using the following naming convention:


In the above example, "Prospects" is the Subform Picker Field Key from the Master Form, "FirstName" is the Field Key from the actual subform, and the numeric value of 1 and 2 indicate which rows to bind to.

You can place as many rows of subform as you want in your Custom PDF Template. Simply specify the row number at the end of the field name to let the reporting engine know which subform row you'd like to bind to. Since custom PDF templates are a fixed format, the max row count is capped to the number you place on your PDF Report Template.

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