Release Notes - 11/29/2018



NewPurple_colored_pill_box.png - 69 - You can now convert your form to a subform and visa versa with the click of a button. Both are new buttons in the advanced options part of the builder. One thing to keep in mind is that when you are converting your form to a subform, if you have multiple pages, it will only convert the first page. This is because subforms can only have one page.



FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 67 - Made some tweaks to how the $subFormInstanceItemNumber$ work on web app. Will now start at 1 instead of 0

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 72 - Fixed a bug on Web App where under certain circumstances a forward was incrementing the sequence number. It will no longer do that

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 77 - Fixed a few various dashboard bugs

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 78 - Fixed an issue on excel dispatch where under certain circumstances the "create new users" checkbox wouldn't work

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 76 - Fixed some bugs in IE11 where it wouldn't load the new builder correctly

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 66 - Fixed a bug on Web App where you couldn't select today's date if the "Future Date" option was selected

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 70 - Fixed a bug on Web App where a filtered lookup list on a multi-instance subform wouldn't save correctly when backing out.

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 74 - Changed how lists work on the New Builder. It'll now show both name and value on the forefront instead of just the name.


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