External Integration - BETA

Please be aware that all BETA features are to be used at your own discretion. We may change, close out, or wipe data associated with a feature at our own discretion.

If you are interested in this feature and want to enable it on your account please login to the admin portal and click the blue "Feedback?" button or email support and let us know which feature you'd like to be a part of.

External integrations allow you to create a single integration and attach it to any form in your library. 

Think of them as "global" integrations. 

To create an external integration, go to your account page on the web portal and click "external integrations" from the nav bar on the left.

To add a new integration, just click the green button.


When you create a new external integration, you need to choose what type of integration you want it to be.

You have all the normal workflow integrations to choose from.

We will be using "Email External" in this example.


Once you select a type, you need to fill out the information as you normally would in the workflow window.

Note that you can delete an external integration at any time by clicking on the red "delete integration" button at the top right of the page.


You also have the option to disable/enable any external integration at will, just be aware this will turn it on/off for all forms it is attached to. 

Be sure to click save to finish the creation/apply any changes.


To add an external integration to your form, you must first open your form up in the web builder.

Click on the blue delivery button and add the SAME type of integration as your external one. 

Now, all that you need to is click on the "Use External Integration Settings" drop-down menu and select your desired integration from the list.


This will populate the information fields with the data you had entered previously in the external integration. 

Again, note that any changes to the external integration will affect all instances of that integration across all linked forms. 


You also have the option to edit an external integration from the "Form Delivery Activity" page.

On any submission that used an external integration, just click the drop-down arrow next to "reprocess" and choose "edit external integration"


This will popup a window which will allow you to edit the integration. 


Be sure to save when finished.





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