Release Notes - 06/28/2018

Bug Fixes - Admin Portal

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1158 - Fixed a New Builder bug where the "Configure Display Mask" button for the subform field type was tied to the scroll button

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1164 - Fixed a custom PDF header issue

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1165 - Fixed an issue when sending a word document through HTTP/HTTPS delivery type in workflow/delivery

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1166 - When using the "Download Media" button in the admin portal, it now correctly gives an error when the submission doesn't have media

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1167 - Fixed a Dropbox integration bug where sending a csv, xml or excel file type with media would create a folder with the wrong name. Now it will create a media folder with the submission id as the name

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1177 - Fixed a Word Report issue where some fields were not showing/hiding correctly



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