How to assign Users to a Library

A Library is a way to organize your forms into groups. You can assign forms to a Library and also have certain users assigned to that Library. This is a good way to give certain users access to one or many sets of forms while at the same time limiting access to other forms.

There are two ways to assign users to a Library. You will need an Admin role for the first method and a Library or Admin role for the second method.


User Profile Method (requires Admin Role)

1. Login to the Admin Portal

2. Go to the Account Tab

3. Go to the Users Tab

4. Click the Edit User Icon

5. Click the Assigned Libraries Tab

6. On the left panel, you will see a list of your Libraries. On the right is a list of Libraries that are assigned to that particular users. Simply drag from left to right or click on the arrows to assign a Library/s to that user. In the picture below I have all libraries assigned to this particular user.




Library Method (requires Librarian Role or Admin Role)

1. Login to the Admin Portal

2. Go to the My Forms sub tab (first on the left)

3. The left panel is a list of all your libraries. You can create new ones by clicking the blue "+ New Library" button on the top of that panel. On the very right is a list of all of your unassigned forms. In the middle is a list of all the forms that are currently assigned to that particular library. If you want a good walkthrough of how Libraries work, please see this video

4. Select the "Users" tab at the top of the middle panel. Once selected the right panel will change into a list of all your unassigned users. If you want to assign a user to the library the click the green arrow. See screenshot


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