Release Notes - 06/14/2018

 Bug Fixes - Admin Portal

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1138 - Fixed an issue where QueMessage size limits were maxing out. That should no longer happen

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1140 - Added Pingdom Alerts for multiple other environments

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1149 - Fixed an issue where hidden calculation fields are were showing on the word reports

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1152 - Altered the "Opt Out" feature slightly so it only shows for admin users. We will only send marketing emails to admin users

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1153 - Fixed a WebApp bug where you could potentially get "No Data Associated with this List" error if it was inside of a subform

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