Uploading White Label VPP Redeemable Codes

The following article describes how to download a redeemable codes' file for your White Label app from the Apple VPP website and upload them to the FastField Portal:

1. Login to Volume Purchase Program

Navigate to

2. Search for your App

3. Select your App and select the "Redeemable Codes" option.  Enter a quantity of codes to redeem.  It's best to make this a number that at or above your expected user count.  Click the "Review Order" button.


4. Click the "Place Order" Button

5. Download the codes in Excel Format


6. Upload your code file to the FastField Portal

Login to the FastField portal at  Once logged in, select the Account Menu and scroll to the Redeemable Code File upload section.  Click the "Browse" button to select the file you downloaded from the Apple VPP site.



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