Release Notes - 03/23/2018


NewPurple_colored_pill_box.png - 1060 - New Trial setups, when giving us their cell phone number, will automatically receive a text message with the android and IOS app.

NewPurple_colored_pill_box.png - 1063 - Added the ability for users to upload a document in the web app if the setting is checked in the new builder

NewPurple_colored_pill_box.png - 1071 - Added additional Internet Explorer 11 support for the new builder and admin portal

NewPurple_colored_pill_box.png - 1073 - Added a new custom value option for SQL integration


Bug Fixes - Admin Portal

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1055 - Fixed an issue where on the default word report it could generate blank pages because there wasn't a default image size

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1057 - Fixed an issue where Web App, Preview and Edit Submission were not correctly using subFormInstanceItemNumber

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1058 - Fixed an issue where anonymous web forms were not being correctly handled on the new data page

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1059 - Fixed an issue in a web form where repeating sections inside subforms were not correctly copying over the hidden setting

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1061 - Fixed a few issues regarding the Sharepoint by file integration where it was failing to upload and send the files

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1062 - Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances you could get into a situation where the new builder could seem to freeze

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1064 - Fixed an issue where editing a submission breaks how you see the submission in the workflow reporting.

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1066 - Fixed an issue where users were users were needing to login to the web app, even after first logging into the admin portal.

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1067 - Fixed an issue in the Web App where subform meta data was not being correctly formatted

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1068 - Fixed an issue in the New Builder where fields didn't have the "Hide Question" setting in subforms

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - 1072 - Fixed an issue in the New Builder where export form definition in excel wasn't working correctly

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