Dispatch by File

File-based form dispatch allows you to dispatch a form to all users in an imported Excel spreadsheet. Users will be notified of the dispatch via email and the dispatched form will be available in the inbox when the user logs into their FastField Mobile Forms mobile app.

To get started, from the web portal click on New>Dispatch>Import Excel


Step 1: Choose a form for this dispatch.

Step 2: If this list contains unregistered users, select 'Yes' to confirm that new users should be automatically created during the dispatch process. Allowing dispatch to auto create new users will automatically invite new users to join your account for each recipient that is not tied to an existing user.

Step 3: Upload an Excel file (.xlsx) with your dispatch recipients and any merge data. Ensure that there are no empty rows in your Excel file. Processing will stop on the first empty row.

If you need to see a sample excel file, you can click the "sample excel file" button.


In the sample file you can fill out:

• Email: The email address of the user you wish to dispatch to.

• Message: A message for the user you are dispatching the form to.

• First Name/Last Name: (Only required for new user creation) 

• Populate field data: From here you can put any fieldkey from your form as the column header and place any data you wish to pre-populate in those columns.




When you upload your file ensure you do not see any errors and that it shows "X records successfully imported."


Click the next button when ready.

Step 4: Provide a meaningful name for this dispatch. You may optionally edit the subject and message for the emails that will be sent. Click Send when you are ready to process this dispatch.


Click confirm to send your dispatch.


You can view and track your open dispatches any time by clicking on "View Dispatches" from the menu bar. 



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