Display Mask

A display mask allows you to name the generated PDF or word file, as well as display the report/ record/form instance name within dashboards, get data, and in-app.

Most users need the output file generated from FastField to have a naming convention. In addition, the naming convention is needed for display in the get data function, as well as in-app forms in the in-progress and submitted folders.

Examples: "Client name - Date - inspector" / "Location - Date" / "Inspection performed - date - inspector"

1) Click the pencil icon next to the form name.


2) Type in static text or click fields from your form on the left to create the naming convention.


3) Files in this example would be named as follows: "company name - date - is job completed." This convention is generated from data entered into the fields when entry is being performed.

   + Static text can also be added. "Invoice - company name - date - is job complete." By typing Invoice in front of the form fields.

4) The name created will also appear in-app and in the data get function.




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