How do I access my webform?

Category: Form Builder

Webforms: Setup

Use Cases: Using your form on the Web, Website, Link in an Email

1) Select the Setup Button in the form builder

2) Select "Setup Form" at the top of the options

3) Select "Advanced"

4) Select "Web"

5) Turn on "Allow Anonymous Submissions" (Optional)

6) Copy the Authenticated URL if only known users are permitted access. Select the "Anonymous" URL for open access.

Either URL will direct a browser to a web forms. The Anonymous URL does NOT require a user name by the person completing the form.

Notes: Web forms do not use script or lookup mappings




Anonymous = allow non user to submit forms

Survey = Puts submit button on the bottom of the page

Generate QR = Can have a QR code navigate directly to the Webform (in store surveys)


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