(Using strings in JavaScript)

In JavaScript, a string is just a series of characters. Stings can include both text and numbers, and are always contained within single or double quotes.


var x = "FastField";

You can add strings together, however if there is at least one string, it will concatenate (combine side by side) as opposed to mathematically adding them.


var x = "FastField_";
var y = 'Mobile_Forms';
return x + y;


As we mentioned before, numbers can be strings too, but they do not function as they normally would when put in quotations.


var x = "123";
var y = '456';
return x + y;


You can also find the length of any text using the built in, “.length” property.


var x = "FastField";
var y = x.length;

return y;


For more information about strings, you can read this article:

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