Release Notes - 03/17/2016

Admin Portal

  • FFF-2035 - Fixed an issue where some users were getting a 500 error trying recover a deleted form
  • FFF-2027 - Fixed an issue where we were having difficulty adding email message to the queue
  • FFF-2018 - Changed the default rule from hide otherwise none, to show otherwise hide
  • FFF-2015 - Error with Workflow - Foward
  • FFF-2014 - When creating lists, ability to press 'Enter' on keyboard to add a new entry, instead of having to click the + button
  • FFF-2003 - Fixed an issue where copying a form would occasionally give a 500 error
  • FFF-2002 - Account Settings > Integration not sending emails.
  • FFF-1996 - Add ability for admins of master account to transfer forms between associated sub-accounts
  • FFF-1978 - Export Excel in form builder only transfers first rule on a field. added functionality to export all rules
  • FFF-1947 - Add ability for a sequence number to be added onto a custom PDF using sequenceNumber
  • FFF-1923 - Highlight the account owner in the user list so we know if someone is the account owner.
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