Release Notes - 03/07/2016

 IOS - 4.7.4 & 4.7.4-S

  • Significant performance tuning on the form menu screens
  • Fix crash when subform picker has a incorrect data type assigned on dispatch
  • Fix bug where Multi-Line text would get reset by rule executing
  • Slight cosmetic adjustment for Report Button on Form Library Screen
  • Enhanced progress bar for form syncing to show better status/percentage complete
  • Fix SubForm Section Label Formatting
  • Optimize form menu performance for large form lists
  • Added "Email on Submit" option
  • Fix Audio Picker Crash that was exposed on slower devices
  • EXIF Fixes for Multi-Photo Picker.  Exif data is not overwritten on photos picked from the library now.
  • Made Option Button a Check X instead of a complete fill
  • Fix to Form Library Archive view in landscape where it wouldn't go full width of screen
  • Slight adjustment to option lists dynamic sizing

Android - 1.0.49

  • FFF-1874 - Android - Fix for multi photo library picks issue with GPS
  • FFF-1834 - Android - Implement prompt for external email address(es) on device
  • FFF-1893 - Android - Fix for bug with Sub Form rules
  • FFF-1900 - Android - Look for corrupt images during validation
  • FFF-1922 - Android - Fix for list selection using $list_name$ not working
  • FFF-1955 - Script Error on Android - Text change for Email PDF in settings Multi-Photo Portrait Only

Admin Portal

  • FFF-2000 - Fixed email formatting for automated emails
  • FFF-1941 - Calculation field - drag and drop fields into calculation window - the "Option List" symbol is still old "List" symbol
  • FFF-1985 - Fix for Exclude all empty fields from reports
  • FFF-1982 - Fix for Admin Portal - PDF/HTML not rendering Sub forms with repeating sections
  • FFF-1979 - Fix for Admin Portal - Download users doesn't download full list of users
  • FFF-1910 - Fix for Reset Login page
  • FFF-1894 - Fix for Home Page Queries slow


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