How to export my submission/s to excel format

You can export your submissions to excel format by following this quick article. Before I start, I need to define a few key words that I will be referencing throughout this article. It is important that they are defined because it is very easy to get them confused as they may seem very similar. The first word is Form, which is the created entity to which questions are asked and data is collected. A form is created in the FastField builder and is used to collect data/submissions from users. The second is Submission, which is the data that is gathered from the created form. Defined, it is the data that is collected when a user fills out a form, and presses the submit button in the app. That collected data is called a submission.


Exporting a submission/s

  1. Login to the FastField Admin portal
  2. Go to the Query / Export Data link
  3. Find the submission/s that you'd like to export
  4. Click the box/s next to the submission/s that you'd like to export
  5. Click the action button, and select either export to excel or export to csv


 Mass exporting submissions

  1. Login to the FastField Admin Portal
  2. Go to the Data Tab
  3. Find the form that you'd like to do a mass (excel, csv) export with. Note, you can only do a mass submission export with a single form at a time.
  4. Click the export button at the top of the page and select either excel or csv. This will export all submissions that are shown below. Boxes should not be checked next to the submissions


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