How do I download all my photos and videos from a submission?

In addition to downloading your reports, the Data page also allows you to download all of your photos and videos from a submission in a zip folder. To download this data, just follow the steps detailed below:

1. Go to the Query / Export Data link

2. Find the Form and Submission that you would like to download the media from

3. Click on the drop down button to the right of the submission

4. On the bottom of the drop down list there are a number of options to choose from that allow you to download just the media files, or the media files bundled with a report type. 



Once you have selected an option, you can wait for the download, or choose to be emailed a link to download your zip file once it is done compiling. This can be helpful for exceptionally large reports with a lot of photos or videos. 

NOTE: In addition to the option to download this zip folder with media, you can also set most form delivery actions to send the report bundled with media, so you can get this zip folder for every submission automatically.

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