How to edit a form submission that has already been submitted

You can dispatch a form submission by following these steps.


1. Login to the FastField Admin Portal

2. Go to the Query / Export Data link


3. Select the form you would like to Dispatch, then click on the "Run Filter" button.


4. Click on the drop-list button to the very right of the submission you would like to re-dispatch for editing.


5. Start typing in the email address of the user(s) you would like to re-dispatch your form to. The field will auto-populate a list of possible users. PLEASE NOTE: You can only add users that are already on your account. Please follow this link for adding new users. Here is also a video on adding users.

6. Once you have added your desired users, fill out the message info: Dispatch Name, Dispatch In-App Message, Dispatch Email Subject and Dispatch Email Message; Or you can keep it as the default message that populates. 

7. Here you can customize the message that users gets in the email notification and in the app. Once you are finished customizing your message click dispatch to finalize the dispatch.


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