Staged Publishing of Form Changes

FastField now offers the ability to make changes to your live forms without directly affecting your end users.  This is particularly useful if you have complex forms that require multiple rounds of editing and testing before publishing them to your end users.  In these cases, we now offer a feature in the form builder called staged publishing.  The high level workflow for staged publishing is as follows:

1. Create a new form in the FastField administration portal which makes it available for your end users via the FastField mobile apps.

2. When you need to make changes to the form, you can create a staged copy of the form and begin making the necessary edits without affecting the current live version of the form.

Create Staged Copy

3. To preview your staged changes, you can dispatch a preview version of the form to anyone in your account, including yourself.  You can then view your changes in the Inbox section of the FastField mobile apps.

Dispatch Preview

4. Once you are satisfied with your form changes, you can publish the form live so your end-users will have access to your latest changes.

Publish Changes

Staged Publishing Notes:

  1. When a staged copy of a form is made, the current version remains live and available for end-users.
  2. When a form is first created, it is made immediately available for end-users.  Any changes to the form after that point will follow the staged publishing flow outlined in this article. 
  3. While working on a staged copy of a form you can discard your changes at any time by choosing the "Discard Changes" option under the Staged Publishing menu item 
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