How do I view my form on my device?

If you have not yet installed the FastField app on your device please refer to this article that will help guide you through the installation process

To receive updated forms/surveys on your device, you must login with a valid Internet Connection.  

Please verify the following:

1. You have a valid Internet Connection either through WIFI or through a cellular network

2. Login to the Application and verify you DO NOT have the "Work Offline" switch selected on the login screen.  

After logging into the application if you see a red wireless signal at the bottom of the app, you are working offline. 

3. After logging into your app go to the "Forms" tab, find your corresponding form, and select it.

Please note that "In Progress" tab has older versions of the same form. If you are trying to view your latest form you need to start a new instance of your form in the "Forms" tab.


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