Field Configuration


Field Configuration

Adding A Field to a Section

To add a Field to a Section, first select the Section then click the + button on Fields Panel.

Add a Field

The Field Selection dialog will appear. Tap the Icon to the left of the field type you would like to add to the Section. You can tap several field types one after another to add multiple fields.

Note: To learn more about the individual fields supported, please reference the Field Type Overview Help Document.

To dismiss the Field Type dialog click anywhere off the dialog or click the Close button.

Deleting A Field from a Section

To remove a Field from a Section, select the Field then click the - button on Fields Panel.

Moving or Re-Ordering Fields

Fields can be re-ordered in the Field list or moved to a different Section. To re-order a Field in the list, drag and drop the Field to the desired location. To move a Field to a different Section, drag and drop the Field to a different Field in the "Sections" list.

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