Data - Advanced Filtering

Users with assigned roles can access the data tab on the admin portal and filter through specific fields on a selected form on their account. You can also do some advanced filtering to filter out specific fields and narrow your search results. You can filter any field that you have setup in your form as well as a few common searches like Submission ID, Form ID, Date Created, Form Version, etc.

Please refer to this article for role definitions.


Instructions for Advanced Filtering

1. Login to the Admin Portal and click on the Query / Export Data link

2. Select the form that you would like to filter field results from

3. Click Advanced

4. Select a field that you would like to filter

5. Select which modifier you would like to use. This box is helpful if you aren't sure exactly what the search results are. In this example I select "Contains" as my modifier because i'm not sure the exact name of my client but i know it does contain a part of my search query.

6. Specify your search query. Please note that your search is case sensitive

7. Select from results and/or refine your modifier and search query

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