User Roles Defined

Anyone assigned to the Admin role on your account can administer role assignments to grant or deny access to certain areas of the portal.  Users who have the following roles assigned will have the corresponding access rights in FastField:

Admin - Full administrative rights to FastField Portal

Analyst - Ability to view reports, query and download data under the “Data” tab, as well as view the summary reports on the home page

Builder - Ability to create forms within the FastField Portal

Collector* - Ability to submit data from the FastField mobile and web app

Dispatcher - Ability to dispatch forms to one or more users

Librarian - Ability to administer the Form Libraries under the account

Viewer - Ability to view summary reports on the home page of the FastField portal 

List Editor - Ability to create and edit Global Lists and Lookup Lists from the Account page


If you need Instructions to help you assign roles to users please refer to this help article:




* This role is currently not required for users to submit forms via the FastField app.  

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