Form Structure and Setup Overview


Form Structure and Setup Overview

Components of a Form

Forms are composed of the following components:


  • Pages - A Page in FastField is similar to a page of a paper document. A form can be configured to have one to many pages and each page can contain one to many sections.
  • Sections - A section is used to organize fields into logical groups within your Form.

    For example, if you were building a Form for collecting an individual's address, you might setup a section named "Address" and add "Street Name", "City", "State" and "Zip" fields to that section.

  • Fields - Fields are components of a form that the user fills out. Each field type allows you to capture a specific type of data. Field Types range from standard textual data to multi-media objects including photos, video and audio.

To learn more about the individual field types supported in FastField, please reference the Field Type Overview Document.

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