Web Form Configuration and Limitations

Web forms offer a convenient way to collect data from individuals that may not be registered as a user within the FastField system or do not have access to the FastField mobile application.

Web Forms can be completed using a desktop web browser or using an HTML enabled smartphone or tablet. A common scenario in which Web Forms are used is for public surveys and feedback forms.

Web Forms can be setup using the same form editor used to create and deploy native FastField forms.

Supported Field Types 

Web Forms support the following field types:

  1. Text
  2. Long Text
  3. Static Text
  4. Numeric
  5. Switch
  6. Yes/No/NA
  7. Rating
  8. List 
  9. Option List
  10. Embedded Photo
  11. Sub-Form

Note: All other field types are ignored when viewed through a Web Form, but are still visible when viewed in the native FastField mobile applications

Configuring a Form for Web Access

In your Portal/Formbuilder online

To configure a form for Web Access, navigate to the Form you would like to have Webform capabilities


1. Once you are in the form click on the grey "Setup" button.




2. A dropdown list will appear, then click on the "Setup Form" tab


3. Navigate to the "Advanced" tab, then to the sub-tab: "Web"

In the red box are 2 different url's that you could give people to fill out your form.

a. Authenticated URL is what you would give USERS to fill out the form (they would have to log-in to fill out the form online)

b. Anonymous/Public URL is what you would give non-users to fill out a form (example:  "rate your experience with fastfield" survey). These submissions would show up as "anonymous" in your data tab.

When you are finished configuring your Webform options, click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.


Configuration Options:

Setting Description
Allow Anonymous Submission? If checked, non-authenticated users can complete the form. This is common for scenarios such as public surveys or feedback forms where respondents may not have a FastField user account.
Survey Mode If checked, the user interface will be streamlined to only include basic navigation features. This is the most common setting for public surveys. When using Survey Mode the form is presented as a wizard with only previous and next navigation available and the user is only allowed to save the form on the final page.
Require Terms and Conditions Acceptance If checked, a custom Terms and Conditions page will be presented to the user and must be confirmed prior to the user completing the web form. To setup a custom terms Terms and Conditions page for your account, contact your account administrator.
Save Form Result on Each Page Change? If checked, form data will be saved as the user navigates through each page. This allows you to collect data even if the user abandons the form before it is completed and submitted.
Navigation Target On Completion Upon completion of the form, the user will be automatically redirected to this URL. This option is only available if the 'Time (Seconds) to Auto Navigate on Completion' is greater than 0 seconds.
Time (Seconds) to Auto Navigate on Completion The number of seconds before the user is redirected to the 'Navigation Target On Completion' URL. Note: When no URL is provided for the 'Navigation Target On Completion' setting, the form will redirect back to the 1st page of the form.
Custom Appearance The color theme to be used for the form. Optionally, you can generate your own Theme Roller CSS file and import it here by choosing the Other item from this list.
Header Logo A banner style image (jpg or png) that appears at the top of the form. This image will repeat for each page in the form. Note: It is recommended that you upload an image no taller than 100 pixels high so that it doesn't require too much vertical screen real-estate on mobile browsers.
Display Progress Bar If checked, a progress bar will be shown at the bottom of the web form that shows how many pages remain in the form.
Authenticated URL (Read-Only) A private URL used to access the form. This URL will require the user to login prior to accessing the form.
Anonymous (Public) URL (Read-Only) A public URL used to access the form. This URL will not prompt for a username and password when accessed. Optionally, you can click the 'Shorten URL' button to generate a condensed URL that will redirect to the public URL shown here.
Short URL A shortened version of the public URL used to access the form. Note: this URL redirects to the public URL.
Generate QR Code Optionally, you can generate QR Codes that can be scanned to access the Web Form. To generate a QR Code, click the 'Get QR Code' button. You can specify the image size of the QR Code by selecting one of the three size options. To save the image to your computer, right click on the image and select 'Save Image As...' The generated QR code will direct the user to the anonymous (public) version of the form, if available.

Anonymous User Submissions

Web Forms submitted anonymously are tagged as 'ANONYMOUS' in the FastField Data Repository. All dashboard views and reports will be display the user as anonymous for identification purposes.


Form rules are not currently supported with Web Forms.

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