Date and Time Handling in FastField

Date and Time Handling in FastField

FastField apps capture date and time data (Date Picker field type) values and store them using time zone information from the user's device.

FastField also captures the date and time when a form submission is received at the server. The date and time captured at the server will be stored using the time zone information as dictated by the Time Zone settings for the user's account.

Changing Account Time Zone, Date Format, and Time

  1. Log in to the web portal as a user who is assigned to the Administrator role.
  2. Navigate to the Account section.
  3. Choose the appropriate time zone for your account from the Default Time Zone drop down.
  4. Choose the date format you want from the Default Date Format drop down.
  5. Choose if you want a 24 or 12 hour clock with the 24 Hour Clock checkbox.
  6. Click save


Date Format in Repository

All date and time data in the FastField vault is stored in ISO 8601 string format. The ISO 8601 format allows for lexical sorting and better portability between systems. An example of this format is shown below:


Note: Customers who leverage the direct POST integration capability of FastField or have chosen to receive form submission data in JSON format will receive data and time data in the ISO 8601 format.

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