Release Notes - 01/15/2018


NewPurple_colored_pill_box.png - Form Builder 2.0! We are excited to announce our new form builder. We have been working on it tirelessly for months now and are enthusiastic about unveiling it to our clients. You can use this link to check out what is new

We are still changing a few small things according to some feedback we have been receiving, so please excuse if there are small visual and functional changes that happen over the next few weeks.

NewPurple_colored_pill_box.png - New Feedback button! A quick and easy way to tell us how we are doing or impart some feedback to our product engineers. You can access this button at the top of admin portal "Feedback?"

NewPurple_colored_pill_box.png - New Dispatch Wizard! It should still feel very familiar to the old wizard, the new dispatch wizard really becomes apparent in the final stage where you can choose which fields you want to fill. Much more capability and easier to use!


Bug Fixes - Admin Portal

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - Fixed an issue where occasionally lookup mappings are lost in a subform

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - Lots of various New Builder 2.0 fixes

FixedGreen_colored_pill_box.png - Fixed an issue where when dispatching out a form with a calculation field, any "-" was being stripped out because it was being converted into a numeric. The merge code now sets computed labels to strings when sending out as a dispatch



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