Web App

Note: Custom S3 accounts need to enable CORS S3 bucket for the Web App to be available for use.

The purpose of the Web App is to have a fully operating desk top version of our mobile app. The Web App works the same as the forms in the mobile app, only they use a website to fill out and submit your forms. All field types, rules, and script will work the same in the Web App as they do in the mobile app. All your workflow that you currently have setup on your form will work as well.


To access the Web App you will want to click on the Web App button at the top right of the Web Portal



All confirmed users on your account will have access to use the Web App, you will need a username and password to log in as you would on the mobile app. Any user with only the role of Collector will automatically be brought to the Web App when logging into the Portal.

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