BETA: Form Rules - Pre-Actions

When creating a Form Level rule there is an option to configure Pre-Actions.  Pre-Actions allow you to run one or more action prior to the execution of the rule.  

To best illustrate this, let's walk through a specific example.

In this example, we have we are going to set the field's background color based on the user's input.  We've set up a List field with 5 answer options as shown below:


For anything that is considered high severity, we are going to set the color to Red.  The following screenshot shows a Pre-Action the first Clears the field color, then a Rule Condition that will set the Color to Red if the Severity is Very High or High:

It is important to note that this same logic can be accomplished with an "Otherwise" or "Else" condition with your rule as shown below.

This often comes down to a matter of preference in rule setup.  

Note: One important thing to note is that Pre-Actions run no matter how the rule conditions are setup, so if you aren't careful, you could easily cancel out the actions of another rule.



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