Edit your submitted report in PDF or Word

This article will explain how to edit your PDF or Word report after it has been submitted.

There are two ways of doing this, the first is in the “Query/Export Data” tab in the Web Portal. The second is to make your report editable in your workflow in the “Delivery” tab of the Form Builder.

For the first option, you will want to go the “Query/Export Data” tab of the Web Portal and select the form you wish to view. Once the submissions are on your screen you will want to use the drop-down box to the right of the submission that says “HTML”. In this drop-down box, you will see a variety of options to view your report. Two of these options are “PDF-Editable” and “Word-Editable”. When you select either of these options they will open in the prospective format that you are able to then edit.


For the second option, when you set up your workflow in the “Delivery” tab of the Form Builder and select PDF or Word an option to “Make PDF document editable” or “Make Word document editable” will be available. As long as you click this checkbox you will be able to edit the report that is delivered to you.



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