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There are many options for branding as a customer of FastField. This article will be going over what and how you can brand using the many simple tools that we provide. 


You can customize the logo that you see in the FastField admin portal as well as the submission reports, changing it from the default FastField logo, to your own company's logo. This is easily done in the account settings tab, in the branding section.

How You Do It


The Result

Your logo on ALL Generic PDF reports      -&-     Your company logo on your Portal



You will need your logo to be hosted publicly online and the URL for that logo needs to be placed in the "Custom Logo" field. Most businesses already have their logo on their website, so all you need to do is grab the logo's URL and place it in the Custom Logo field in the account tab.

 Alternatively, if you don't have a logo hosted online, there is an easy and free way to do this. Many of our clients use Dropbox, a free cloud storage solution. Dropbox offers free cloud storage up to a certain amount. Once you've set up your Dropbox account you can upload your logo to a public folder. You will then be able to take the public url from the image and paste it in the Custom Logo field in the account tab.

Once you've placed a valid url in this section and save, the default FastField logo in the admin portal, as well as a logo on the submitted reports, will be replaced with your own.


It is possible to brand individual forms in the app with a logo or photo. Most of our clients use this feature to help with visual identification of each form.

How You Do It


The process for adding a thumbnail photo is very easy. Login to the admin portal and go into the builder/edit mode for the form that you want to add the thumbnail to and click Configure form.

 Then click the Advanced tab, and you can upload a photo using the Form Thumbnail button.

 This thumbnail photo will only show in the app and will not show on any reports or submissions.

The Result

                    (In app view) 


One of the easiest ways to add your logo to a form is to use the Embedded photo field. If you place an embedded photo as the first field in your form (of course you can put your logo wherever you like) it will the first thing you will see when you or your customer opens up your form in the app, and the report.

How You Do It



Name the field, size the photo with the width and height settings. Save and Publish, and you should be good to go.

**Its highly recommended that you keep picture file size under 150k, as this could cause longer than normal wait times in the app for downloading, and lag.**

The Result

App view of embedded logo       -&-     Generic PDF report with embedded logo



Stylizing your web forms is possible with CSS. We do support ThemeRoller, which is a simple way to incorporate CSS styles and colors into your web forms. We will not be teaching you how to use ThemeRoller, but there are many tutorials online on how to use this tool. We also have a few regular themes for you to choose from, but if those do not suit your needs you can always use ThemeRoller to completely customize your forms.

Also, we do offer our services for a one time fee, if you need us to stylize your forms, please send an email to your account manager or you can send an email to our support team at

You can add your CSS styling to your form by editing your form in the admin portal and click on Configure form. Click on the Advanced tab, then Web.


Paid Branding


For information on white labeling FastField, please contact or if you've already registered for a trial you can also contact your account manager.



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